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BLAIZE Takeover Week: Featuring 7 Days of Texas’s Rising Talent – ‘Be Prepared’ [Track Write-Up]


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‘Be Prepared’

[Day 2] is here, and that brings us to our second installation into the BLAIZE Takeover Week. Get familiar with the eruptive track ‘Be Prepared‘ as we dive deeper into the hellish, volcanic, and abysmal territory that is thereof BLAIZE‘s.

With this BLAIZE release through Buygore’s frshblood collection, you better “Be Prepared” to make the nastiest bass face when you hear the crispy low end that follows throughout the whole tune. The track starts by filling the atmosphere with some spooky ambience and echoing the vocal warning you of the bass that is coming for you! The sound design used here is very clean, simple yet ‘thicc’ as the kids would say today. But please, don’t let the word simple mislead you. This is no easy task to complete, but BLAIZE took the song and elegantly crafted it without forcing too much noise at you. Sound design like this mustn’t go unheard and this track debuts that idea perfectly. If you haven’t taken the time yet to click play, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

[Listen to BLAIZE’s Be Prepared]

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Written by: Tate Beumel

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