BLAIZE Takeover Week: December 10th-16th [Announcement]

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We are thrilled to finally announce the unveiling of our end-of-the-year project. Under lock and key we have been tirelessly working on pulling together a final takeover for 2020 that really exemplifies how we feel it went. In some aspects it has been a firestorm of craziness and chaos, and in other respects it has been a year of flourishing and finding ourselves. Regardless, we are kicking the can of gasoline on it and setting it all to BLAIZE.

Dec 10th-16th


[Texas-based] rising talent Austin Moses, known as BLAIZE has been turning heads and breaking necks for 11 years as a musician. His meteoric rise to notoriety and surefire spotlighted attention derived from his prolific career as a bass-music producer under the aforementioned alias, BLAIZE. Although, his ranks are definitely solidified in the dubstep world, he goes multiple steps further into the musicality of in several industries.

Recent Discography in Review:

Be Prepared (Buygore), Trillvo Guest Mix, Subsidia Records Release (OUT 12/1) Clique EP (Buygore), Clique EP (The Remixes), BLAIZE 2020 Showcase.

[Blasé]Let’s change the Z for an S, drop the I, and let’s swap the dubstep for basshouse, preheat the oven, turn the BMP the f**k up, and you have Blasé, his extraordinary and semi-covert moniker. Amassing an immense response to the side project he has also made a monumental name for himself in this basshouse brand.

In addition to those fun facts, this dude can even lay down some mean raps and lyrical madness. The dexterity and diversity is there with each of his talents, radiating heat, and individually incinerating your very mind.
So we plan to showcase and spotlight this heavyweight artist in every way we know how!
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BLAIZE Takeover Week Will Include:

1 BLAIZE Guest Mix

Featuring BLAIZE‘s hottest tracks, remixes, and edits. You can expect the unreleased IDs, WIPs, and unheard collaborations all in one heated guest mix, dropping exclusively on our SoundCloud.

Two Artist Interviews

Unveiling and identifying what brought BLAIZE to be. His origins, inspirations, and upcoming plans. Allow yourself the opportunity to get to know dance music’s fastest rising name. This doesn’t happen everyday, for you! Luckily, you’ll get two.

2 Track Write-Ups

Snapchat Takeover

Taking place on our Snapchat, BLAIZE will take control, monitoring his selected movements and activities for a whole day. Get to know this scorcher all in one cinematic-place, Snapchat. Step into the world of BLAIZE.

Instagram Takeover

Taking place on our Instagram, BLAIZE will take control, upload reels, photos, and stories of his activities for the whole day. Get to know this incinerating individual all in one photographic-place, Instagram. Step into the realms of BLAIZE.

Artwork by: Andrew Linville Design
Video by: Ruckus Entertainment

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Dec 10th – 16th

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