Freaky Farm Fest: Oct 30th + Oct 31st. Hyrum, Utah. (21+)

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This Halloween’s Eve and Halloween‘s night, in Hyrum, Utah; Freaky Farm Fest 2020 announces their full local lineup and it is stacked with treacherous talent located at The Blue Barn Venue. This event is luckily taking place on a Friday and Saturday (perfect timing, right?), and everyone is looking for something safe, local and ultimately fun to do. Look no further, this is a rapscallion-ranch of surprises and freaky farm-friends and foes! Freaky Farm Fest 2020 is a send.
The event organizers, Dominick Jackson and Carlos Rubio, the two maniacal minds behind the eerie extravaganza, are creating and generating a wave of opportunity for their local Northern Utah scene. These two altruistic gents are utilizing their new, up and coming venue to host the event. With their irons red-hot in the industry already with Kromatic, their local production entity, you can dance assured, you are in good hands, claws, and or tentacles. Whatever the appendages.
**This event will be enforcing and requiring the participation and arrival of mindful attendance (don’t show up sick or ill), facial-masking, social distancing in applicable areas, and this event is strictly 21+. Event organizers, artists, and promoters cannot stress enough that these requirements are enforced and will not stand for any misuse or deliberate insubordination. Long story short, don’t fuck it up!**
Back to the fun! This lineup though, right?
Brimming with berserk bass and hellacious house music to carry the evening into extraordinary eerie experiences! You can expect music, vendors, visuals, and costumes galore. You’re encouraged to wear your utmost ghoulish get-ups and creatively spine-chilling costumes!



Freak Farm Fest 2020 Trailer

Boots the Cat
Boogey Man
Jonzee / Cacophonic / Dr. Face Monsta
Pegasys / LASS / TK Sirmize
Admiral Sananda / Zavfa / Saguaro
Retro Future
Bvssed Out
[Freaky Farm Festival Headlining Special Guest Night One]

Tickets: HERE
Discount Code: ravebeyondthegrave
Facebook Group Page HERE

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Baugh Motel, SureStay Collection by Best Western [8.3 stars]
La Quinta Inn by Wyndam Logan [7.6 stars]
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