Deadly Bass: Hunter Atlas. Leading Colorado’s Western Slope with Wobbles

Deadly Bass artist Hunter Atlas joins the storm!

Q1: Welcome to the electrifying storm! We are thrilled to have you!
What can you tell us about the origin story behind the Hunter Atlas adventure?

A1: Thanks for having me! This is exciting for sure and such a lovely opportunity! As far as the start of my music adventure… I have always loved throwing parties. I mean like 100 people in a house, Project X style parties. One time I was throwing one and I was watching someone DJ and asked some questions as they went. They ended up wanting to go mingle with the other guests so I asked if I could mess around with it and they said sure and I did some of the worst DJing of my life. It was fun though, so fast forward a few weeks and I decided since i was fairly popular in my hometown (Amarillo, TX) I would throw an EDM party, not expecting more than a hundred or so people to show up… 1000 people were outside when we opened the doors that night, we ran out of wrist bands and started just letting people in, and I was hooked. There is nothing like the rush of that many people vibing and dancing to the music you’re playing. Shows and music allow everyone to get away from their issues for the night and let’s loose. It’s beautiful! It made me want to create, to help others through some of the BS that life throws at you.

Q2: Deadly Bass is coming up! What do you have planned and in store for the fearsome festivities in Grand Junction?

A2: The Mesa Theater is a special venue for sure! We are limited to 250 capacity so that that we can take safer measures but we are turning this into a full on Halloween costume party! I have custom visuals for all of the DJs to embrace the vibe as well as horror themed set design and killer lighting. Pair that with the incredible sound in the venue and this will be the best Halloween show in Colorado! The acts are incredible, truly and I cannot wait to see what everyone’s set will be like! I know mine is almost fully originals, edits, or remixes by me that aren’t released which will truly make it a unique set.

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Q3: Colorado has a multitude of opportunities in regards to music as it is a creative haven for musicians. What sort of advantages do you intend to embrace and or extract from the beautiful ‘Bass Capital’ State?

A3: Honestly, it’s a beautiful place to just network and see more talented artists grow and prosper. With technology the way it is, you can truly make it anywhere, but since there are so many places to play here in Colorado I do see it as an advantage. There are multiple shows coming up in different cities that will allow me to showcase my unique style in the sets I play plus test out new songs on crowds to see what should be released.

Q4: What can we expect from you from the rest of 2020? What can we anticipate for the unwritten year of 2021?

A4: The rest of the year will have me traveling a bit and playing some more shows. I have Deadly Bass on October 17th, then Rave the Dead in a natural amphitheater on Halloween (and I’ll be turning 30!), Then doing a label takeover with Deathstar Cult next month, as well as setting up a few shows in December. Over the last couple of years I have been learning and honing my craft and sound so in 2021 I’ll have a bunch of releases coming out including my premier EP “Bangers To Cry To” which will blend heavy bass tracks with beautiful drops as well… Crybangers if you will.

Q5: You wear a couple hats in the industry. What roles do you play in addition to musician?

A5: I perform and produce of course, but I also promote and throw shows as well. On top of that, I work to give new up and comers as many opportunities to grow as artists. I make visuals and graphics as well for shows and artists. Busy guy, what can I say!

Q6: Who do you see putting it down lately? Give them a shout out!

A6: First guy that comes to mind is definitely High Zombie, he’s humble and his music is just unreal… Then there’s the homie Benzo$ who has been releasing so much fire and collaborating with some amazing artists as well. That dude is someone to watch in 2021, he’s going to take over! Scafetta would be the last guy! He entered a DJ competition for a show earlier this year to go b2b with Megalodon when I brought him to Mesa Theater and though he didn’t win, he got on my radar. He’s one of the best new producers in heavy dubstep, highly recommend! Humble brag, but check me out too! *Insert wink here*

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