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STRIX. Decimating North Hollywood With Malevolent Ill-Omened Dubstep.


Mikey Conover, or as we know him better as, is STRIX. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, California and a recent graduate of Icon Collective College of Music and now being this established artist that has been hard at work and cranking out the tunes and building immovable traction. Currently residing in the gorgeous lake-town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and building his musical arsenal with immensity. Now with his red-hot irons already in the fire, you can assure and expect this gentleman to singe your hairs with scorching heat. Let his music do the talking, this proof is in the pudding. Just expect earthquakes, fissures, famine, and the end of your existence as you know it to follow shortly after. I warned you, it’s that good.

Please welcome STRIX to the storm.

Q1: Welcome to the electrifying storm! We are thrilled to have you!
What can you tell us about the origin story behind the STRIX nonpareil sensation?

A1: Oh hell yeah, stoked to be a part of the movement! The name STRIX came from back in 2014 I was living in North Hollywood with Adair and Omegamode. Will had asked me what my favorite animal is and it being an owl, we did a little research on some badass birds. STRIX was some gnarly omen that feasted on flesh and blood and basically straight up destroyed cities for fun (sounds like the most dubstep DJ thing possible lol) Thus the name was born.

Q2: How long have you been interested in and have been producing music?

A2: Music has always been in my life. My uncle is a professional guitar player and my grandparents would always take me out to his shows. My first guitar was when a dope inflatable purple Stratocaster and from that day I knew music would be a huge part of my life. I graduated Icon Collective and have been producing for about 7 years now.

Q3: What is your favorite part about making music? And why is it your favorite?

A3: No rules! Seriously, my favorite part about music is that there technically aren’t any set in stone rules you have to follow. You can really express anything you want at any given time. The STRIX brand is heavy dubstep and more bass oriented, but that doesn’t mean my computer isn’t filled with sad boi beats, future bass and heavy metal. music=freedom

Q4: What do you feel is most advantageous from social media outlets in regards to musical growth?

A4: Establishing relationships with the right people and connecting with like minded individuals. I have had quite a few collabs from just posting on my Instagram stories alone. (Shout out Visitor 44, who is now on my record label, Croatoan).

Q5: What has been the highest point in your career thus far? Walk us through that moment of jumping for joy, metaphorically speaking!

A5: Playing either a sold out show at The Circle, Orange County or Avalon, Hollywood as far as performances go, but my greatest jump for joy moment would be having my music played at EDC and Red Rocks. When the video rolled into my phone, hearing my own tunes plus the crowd reaction, I can definitely say I had goosebumps.

Q6: What do you expect to gain from 2020 that you can utilize and administer in 2021 and beyond?

A6: 2020 has been a year of ups and downs for all of us I can say confidently. I have taken new appreciation for the music scene and what we do as artists. 2021 will be a year of tons of new music (personal, Croatoan, side project and labels)

Q7: You recently dropped Jade, what went into that mentally? What about C.I.T.Y.?

A7: As artists I feel we incorporate a ton of emotion or life experiences into our creations. Jade was a time in my life I was honestly just smoking way too much and almost being “jaded” in the sense I was so bored with the things around me. Kinda like I had so much of whatever around me and it wasn’t stimulating. We creatives are so weird.

C.I.T.Y. ahh yes such a tale behind this one. I was in a 5 year relationship where at the last couple of years things started feeling off and emotions started straying. C.I.T.Y. is actually an acronym: Can I Trust You. My ex and I had bought a house in a ghetto city together and she was starting to be a trifling *** ***.
Long story short; the track has some of my heaviest sound design, paired with ominous bells and dark environments. Basically what my day to day life was at this time… dark, heavy and unsure.

Q8: Whose in your radar as far as collabs go?

A8: I have quite a few overdue collabs with the homies. I know OmegaMode called me a few weeks back and wanted to get it going as well as the OG homie Boarcrok. As far as outside of the normal crew, I would be stoked to get on a tune with Midlex, Hopsteady, and even another Ravachol track.

Q9: Describe your affiliation with 40 Oz Cult!

A9: 40s, skateboards and dubstep. The holy trinity. I met Dack and Hami back in 2014 or 2015 when I moved to North Hollywood and we were chilling at Getter‘s house. I wasn’t really confident with my work as a producer yet, so honestly we just kicked it as normal people, skating, drinking and shooting the shit. After a few years of being acquaintances, I started going over to the Baker skate house and spending more time with the gang and the rest is history!

Q10: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a healthy shout-out!

A10: Always big shouts to my friend Boogie T. Mans absolutely crushing it on the artists journey and plays our music all over the US. The OG homies Boarcrok, OmegaMode, Adair, MyBad, Creaux, 6host, Kompany, and the gang over at 40oz.

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