NOSAY. Utah’s Dance-Music Virtuoso Keeping It Real For The Future

Jason Sevy, or more regionally known as NOSAY is a dance-music producer from SLC, Utah. Having his concrete placement in the scene since the earlier dance-days of our industry, we know he is a trailblazer and road-paving pioneer for the rest of us. His experience and time in the field has really allowed Jason to flourish as an artist in his area.
Please welcome NOSAY to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to the storm! We are stoked to have you with us! Can you deep-dive into who is NOSAY? Where did this all begin?

A1: Thanks for having me on, I’m stoked myself. To answer your question, we’d have to
jump back in time over two decades to the 90’s when I was just a little raver. Up
until that time I had been a music enthusiast, playing drums, bass guitar, and
dabbled in vocals. In ’95, I was a punk rock and alternative lover, but then my life
was forever changed when a friend brought me to my first rave. I fell in love
immediately and continued to go to shows for the next few years until my first son
was born. After that, rave life was put on hold. One summer night in ’01, a friend
of mine, who had already started learning to mix, gave me the opportunity to try it
out on his Technics. At first, it was a little rough, but I soon got a good steady mix
going and I was sold! So, for the next four years I spent the time honing my craft
and learning the turntables. Just mainly practicing in my basement and at house
parties where my friends might let me play for a bit. I got a lot of tough love from
the other DJ’s, “That’s one!!”
Fast forward to 2005, NOSAY was born, and the nightdroppin’ collective was
created. Back then, the best way to get to know the people within the scene was
to either throw your own shows or go to shows and introduce yourself to the
promoters. I did both. Spending my weekends going to all the raves that I could
to possibly make face with everyone within the EDM community. This is where I
met some of the most amazing people that to this day, I consider friends and
family. It was also the year that I threw my first rave and is where I met Jeremy
Moreland and Brandon Fullmer from V2, which was way before the company was
even thought of. I will never forget that night because Jeremy took me aside and
told me to keep going and never stop, even though the show did not do as good
as planned. This inspired me to take my losses, learn from it, and press on. So,
from then on, that is exactly what I have done.
Pressing on, for the next few years I just kept playing shows as much as I could
and continued to promote my brand, Nightdroppin’, and other promotion
companies as well. We continued to throw smaller parties, bar nights,
underground shows and major events for the next few years while I was finally
getting my sound dialed.
After Nightdroppin’ disbanded around 2008, due to my 2 homies moving out of
state, I was approached by the Nocturnal Trauma boys to become a part of their
crew at which I humbly accepted. These wacky characters! Every single one of
these guys are my family to this day! We continued to do shows, showcasing our
own DJ crew as well as bringing in local talent from all over the state. For over 10
years we were throwing a little bar night called “Layton Beatz”. Ever heard of it?
Some of the most amazing times and awesome vibes I have ever had to say the
least. Unfortunately, the bar closed and so those nights are no more.
Then comes 2013. This is where I met Matt Housley aka In2Gr8. He had added
to the lineup of his first show called “Nocturnal Groove”. After playing his shows
and getting together with his company, doing many other shows collaborating
with both companies, Night Spin Kollective was born. A collection of multi-genre
DJ’s and producers that love the music, the scene, and each other to the fullest.
From around 2015 to the present, we have been throwing some of the most
amazing underground events the state as ever seen. Until this year of course.
Must give it up to In2Gr8, Kryptik, Kritter, RemarC, and ShortsirKit! Love you
guys. Cannot wait to see what the future holds.
So, as you can see, it has been a long road and will continue to be even longer.

Q2: Who have been your biggest inspirations thus far in your career?

A2: Well, that is a good question because there are so many.
To start, some of my biggest inspirations have been my kids. My two boys have
been there for me since the beginning, so I would have to give it up to them for
dealing with Dad’s late nights on the weekends from the start. They have always
been so supportive and have helped me through some tough times throughout
my career. As for musicians that inspire me, it differs. You see, my musical
background is so far and so wide. It has never been about just one artist that
inspires me. It could be multiple artists or even bands that do. I mean, I get
inspired by musicians from my past as well as new producers of the future. It is
difficult to break it down. I will tell you this though, my largest inspiration has and
always will be the fans. Nothing inspires me more than when you are up on
stage, pouring your heart out with your music, just straight vibing, full of energy,
and the crowd is feeling it with you, that is the good stuff. That is what gives me
the charge I need to keep going.

Q3: What sort of advice would you give to someone who wants to be in your shoes?

A3: Just be true to yourself and stay humble. Nobody likes a fake, especially in this
scene. The EDM culture was built upon the old saying of PLUR and it still holds
to this day. Do it for the love of the music and play what you enjoy. If you make or
play music that you do not get down to, nobody else will. Also, if you are wanting
to get out there, do so. Go support all your local shows and artists. Mingle. Do not be afraid to say hi to that random person in the back. You never know if that
is the person that is either throwing the show or playing it. Just get out there,
once we can anyways. These days, social media is your friend too. Do not be
scared to say hi to someone you might want to work with or a promoter but do
not be that guy that spams your music in their DM’s. Just be the person that
wants to grow a relationship. Blast your stuff on your feed, not in private

Q4: Eating and or drinking before a set? Yay or nay?

A4: Always eat before a set. My most memorable moments have been at the
restaurant a few hours before going to the show. Drinking? Well, I will usually do
a shot right before my set to calm the nerves. You see, even after almost two
decades, I still get the butterflies before each set. Usually, if the venue allows it, I
will have a beer during my set as well, but I always keep my head clear before
playing. I enjoy the natural high off the vibes of the crowd much more.

Q5: What is the ideal 2025 looking like for you? Walk us through your utopia year in five years.

A5: Just to keep spreading love and light with my music. Over the year, I have finally
taken it upon myself to learn how to produce my own music. I know, how has it
been so long, and I haven’t been doing this already? I have dabbled in the past
with production but have never really had the time to sit down with the patience
and time to do so. I have never been your average musician who can just give it
every waking day. Being a promoter and a DJ has always taken what extra time I
have, and I have always had responsibilities first. But with the world the way it is
now, I finally have the time to give what is needed in order to make something of
my own. So, I would expect my 2025 to be filled with my own tracks out on
record labels and possibly touring. I have made a good stand here locally, so
now it is time to go globally.

Q6: Who is in your collaborations scope? Anything you can sneak or leak?

A6: No leaks yet. Still getting the knowledge down and finding my own sound. I have
been progressing very rapidly and should expect some new material by the end
of this year. Being a DJ for so long has really helped me out on that end. As for
collaborations, I will be focusing on doing some tunes with my boys in NSK.

Q7: Being a resident to Utah is exciting to hear! Although one-of-a-kind, in regards to music, what advantages have you seen from the Beehive State?

A7: The scene, it is everything! I have watched it grow from old warehouse parties
that were completely underground and sometimes illegal, to the thriving culture
that it is today. The one thing that makes it different from other major cities is that
everyone is still so loving and accepting with one another. Whenever I go to a
show, all the people are so happy and are not trying to be the cool kid, which
always brings a warmth to my heart. That is what it is all about, the love of the

Q8: What sort of creative process do you call upon for making music?

A8: Just whatever I am feeling at that moment. For producing, it comes down to how
my mood is that day or week. Sometimes it could be goofy, sometimes serious. I
make tracks based off my feelings at that time. Lately, they have been more on
the melodic side due to the present situation. I have also been on a major funky
tip just to keep things light and fun. As for the DJ side, I feel the vibes off the
crowd and express myself the best I can. I never go into a venue with any pre-
planned set. It is usually three or four folders of different vibes and I flow in
between them, or I stick to the vibe that is getting the crowd going.

Q9: What can we expect next in the realm of NOSAY?

A9: Expect to see some originals coming towards the end of the year and into 2021.
Also expect to see me playing out more once we can do normal shows again. I
am also starting my own live-stream show coming in October being broadcast on
multiple platforms that will have some of the latest House music coming out to
date. This will be a weekly show and will also have some guests showing up
periodically including my NSK squad. Keep your eyes out and tune in.

Q10: Who do you see killing and slaying it lately? Give them a shout-out!

A10: Got to give it up to my boys within NSK! They have been producing some heat
lately. Look for Kryptik, In2Gr8, ShortsirKit, Provoke, Vertekz, FireSky, and
Kollective Vision. They are all coming up with some good originals and I have
also had my ears open to Zendlo and Lowpass locally. As for what I have been
listening to and digging lately outside of the local Utah scene, tune in to my
platforms and the mix to find out because normally “nosay” does not speak.

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