SPILLZ. Wyoming’s Newest House-Music Wonder-Of-The-World.

Derrick Penman, or as he goes by on stage, SPILLZ is joining the storm. This up and coming house-music artist is climbing the hierarchical ladder of artists in Wyoming. His upbeat attitude and outlook on life is transcended into his music and is shown ever-so technically. SPILLZ has been popping up on more and more lineups in his career and each set is well-deserved. With a support system like his, you can expect to see SPILLZ spilling on the scene quite expansively.
Please welcome SPILLZ to the never-ending storm!

Q1: Was there an impacting moment that convinced you to go deeper than being just an attendee for shows; how did your career as a DJ start for you?

A1: It wasn’t a specific moment, kind of just progressed overtime. Pretty much just like most artists out there. Started going to shows and the more I went the more love I found within in the music and the more I wanted to try to learn the craft. This had lead me to purchasing a controller and slowly learning. It was very rough for awhile because I had to teach myself everything lol

Q2: What has been the most memorable moments in the EDM scene for you? As a DJ and as an attendee?

A2: As a DJ definitely playing Mad Mountain Music Festival In Wyoming! First and last festival post COVID and was a great success.  Not a single COVID case reported and the production was amazing! Looking forward to a bigger and better Mad Mountain in 2021!
As an attendee id have to say my favorite memories are traveling to Romania for Untold Music Festival and of course HolyShip! Highly recommend both!

Q3: What DJs (or musicians in general) do you get your biggest inspiration from and why?If you could go back to the day you started as a DJ and give yourself some advice, what would you tell yourself?

A3: It took me years to figure out my style because I was always trying to play everything to
please everyone (which made me a better Dj) but I finally just started doing me, which is
house music! I love mixing up all different genres of house.
As far as advice id say do you! Play and make music that you feel and love. Don’t worry
about playing a certain style to please a certain crowd, just do you and the good music and
fans will come! Also watch a lot of videos and maybe take a few courses right away rather
then self teaching…. Maximize resources.

Q4: Do you have any specific goals in mind when it comes to your passion for music? (Goals as in certain venue/festival you want to play, certain direction you want to take your music, etc)

A4: Right now I just want to focus on producing more tracks, remixes and mixes. If I really dedicate to being productive and producing results, opportunities will come. Other then that my main focus is going to be helping Mad Mountain Music Festival be as successful as possible and really contribute to developing a bigger scene here in Wyoming!

Q5: Do you have any rituals, techniques, or specific ways to get yourself in the zone for your DJ sets?

A5: Nope! Haha I am still figuring that part out and grappling with nerves before a show. Soon I hope to form a show ritual.

Q6: I like asking one obscure question within my interviews so forgive me here. Sometimes people like cottage cheese on pizza or even Nutella on flaming hot Cheetos.. I’m curious to know if there’s a weird food combination that you enjoy that others would find bizarre?

A6: Nothing too crazy really, a peanut butter & jelly burger is about as extreme as I go.

Q7: Okay, going back to music. I know you dabble with music production and you have previously released a few original tracks. Can people expect to hear more of your artwork within the near future?

A7: Yes! My passion has been reignited as of late. Several mixes and a new single should be coming very soon!

Q8: Adding onto that question, I know you work very hard on your craft and would love for you to inform people on where they can find your latest music online?

A8: Here are my social links below!

Written by: Shaun Carabajal

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