Skitzoid. Brisbane Bass Mutilating The Minds of Australia

Matt Parker, or as we all know him as , Skitzoid joins the downpour! This Brisbane-based dubstep artist is maniacally musically inclined. His screaming response to his local area only begins to describe the multitude of potential this Australian gent holds in his back pocket. Please welcome the illustrious Skitzoid to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to the storm! We are pumped to have you!
What can you tell us about the origin story behind the Skitzoid mania?

A1: Thank you so much for having me! I used to produce under the alias “Shinobi“, but I never truly connected with the name. One morning I woke up and had the idea of Skitzoid in my head and the connection/meaning it has for me. That was in 2016 I made the name change.

Q2: How long have you been producing? Take us back to those beginning days!

A2: I have been really pushing my production off and on for about 5 years, but I used to play around in FL studio in high school (2011-2012), but was restricted from doing it. After I went to my first live show, which was ShockOne & Getter in 2015, it really sparked the passion again and I was producing the next day.

Q3: What is your favorite part about making music? And why is it your favorite?

A3: I would have to say it’s turning a basic signal like a sine wave into something insane. For me, audio manipulation, processing and layering is just really fun. I also really enjoy trying to make something that no one has ever heard before. There’s something really cool about that. To be honest the entire processing element is so fun. Seeing how different effects/manipulators interact with each other and the end result. It’s like a form of cooking but not as risky.

Q4: Remixes or originals? What do you like about each, and dislike about each!

A4: I would say I prefer originals. I really enjoy the freedom you have and you aren’t limited to anything. I feel there is somewhat a criteria/standard when it comes to remixing another artists’ track. However it can be daunting opening an empty project and that is a really good thing about remixing – you have an idea to work from and it can really overcome that intimidation of an empty project and that’s how I personally approach writers block. 

Q5: What has been the highest point in your career? Walk us through that moment of excitement!

A5: I would say it would be my recent release/signing to Prime Audio. That has been a goal I always wanted to accomplish, and it was so surreal to be asked by such a prolific label for music. That sparked a run of label signings which has been so incredible, and makes me feel more confident in my art
A very close second would have been joining the Dub Wubz Promotions team as the Vice President. Everything changed so much when I jumped on board (for the better). It has been great working with Kai (TerrorForm) and creating opportunities in the scene for artists. I’m very excited for what’s to come.

Q6: What do you expect to gain from 2020 that you can use in 2021?

A6: 2020 has been an extremely busy year when it comes to music. I’ve gained so much knowledge about the industry thanks to my label signings and joining Dub Wubz Promotions. I feel I’ve finally started getting some real momentum for 2021 on the Skitzoid project. I’m more confident sending demos out to labels which will be a priority for me – getting more signings. I’ve also met and worked with a lot of producers this year, which I want to continue doing in 2021.


Q7: You recently dropped your remix for Dirtyphonics‘ “Mercy“, what went into that remix mentally?
-What about “Trenched“?

A7: As the remix was a part of the Disciple competition, I really wanted to bring as much originality as I could, due to how many other artists were remixing. I avoided the original bass stems altogether and wanted to create an entirely new vibe. I didn’t want it to be even considered close to an edit or VIP. I also felt I had a real chance to show off my sound design ability which was my main focus. I found the intro really easy to bring a new element to as the original brass work was so well done.
Trenched was actually a brainchild of TerrorForm and I chatting about a certain type of Jump Up & Drum & Bass, in particular those guttural chunky leads – trenching things up and we settled that “Trench Up” was a great name for a Tearout/DnB fusion. I managed to cook up Trenched which really captured what we were talking about.

Q8: Whose in your radar as far as collabs go?

A8: Right now, my guy Haroshie and I are finishing our first collaboration, but we have really enjoyed working together and will be making more. I’ve also locked in collaborations with Decipher, Astroreign, Fermilat, OddCub, TerrorForm and potentially Tom The Freak. I would also love to work with Ironhide, Dream Eater and HelaSex

Q9: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a healthy shout-out!

A9: Firstly, all our artists on Dub Wubz Promotions are all killing it – be sure to check them all out as they have so much talent and are really starting to come into their own. 
Then I’d have to single out my boy TerrorForm, followed by OddCub, Haroshie, Decipher, Dream Eater, Ironhide, Tom The Freak, HelaSex, Fitch, Begacat & FLICK. All of them are extremely talented and you should check them out if you haven’t already.  

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