Release Review: Geetar Wonkee by TR!P Hvzvrd + Kylloe.

Geetar Wonkee (3:57)

TR!P Hvzvrd and Kylloe cooked up a special one just a mere 10 days ago, and the response has been unreal. In those 10 days, they have racked up a whopping 750+ plays on our SoundCloud, where it was exclusively released. This track is a one-of-a-kind to say the least. This magnificent musical masterpiece infused the rural sounds and feels of Wyoming with the contemporary dubstep sounds of today’s electronic world. The two worlds colliding in their fashion is so cohesive, it’s a surefire cowboy collaboration collision.

TR!P Hvzvrd has been known to deliver incredible tracks with range and diversity, His declarations of designing knockouts like ‘Oh Fvck‘ and ‘Love The Way‘ keep him greased to make great originals. Kylloe, sparking with talent adds his signature lo-fi/dubstep touches to the collaborative track at hand to complete the western wonder. Kylloe is constantly impressing us with his amazing new skills and his growth as an artist. Let’s add this track to his already sharp set of swords.

The samples and mellow build into track is what keeps your focus on the pure originality of the piece. Whether you focus in on the clatter of the horses, the increasingly divine acoustic guitar riffs, and or drums; this is a wild, wild western Wyoming intro.
The authenticity and interconnected sounds of both worlds are so prominent and intoxicating. One way wonder, how did someone come up with such a unique and palatable fusion track? Simple put, that’s Wyoming.

The blending of what you may assume is going to be a more country-forward ending is quickly turned into a black-hole of wobbles. Pulling your very-soul into it’s gravitational pull. We present to you, Geetar Wonkee.

This Track Is 100% Monsoon Season Approved!

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