Track Review: TR!P HVZVRD: Love The Way


⚠️TR!p Hvzvrd⚠️ · Love The Way

The don of being “hvzvrdous” is sending us into shock with his new release “Love The Way“.
After banging out his already solidified tracks and mixes like Monsoon, Oh Fvckand his back to back set with Kylloe on our NIGHTLIGHT Mix Series we haven’t a doubt this track he just dropped is going to slap.

This intro is so captivating and impactful. The introductory lyrics is exactly what pulls the gravitational abduction in to play. With an effect of lyricism and vocalism that pulls your heart’s harp’s strings in seconds. Those lyrics alone can easily have had themselves found on my top 5 releases of the year. Trust me, no one is knocking at the door, that was the bass. Tossing, turning, we know we’ll have this on repeat tonight.

This influx of bass is so well-worth of an applauded ovation to our inner bass-heads. Where this track takes you is nostalgic for the bass we all know and love. An intersection makes it all sound and complete. The dividend of this keeps me hooked. Consonance throughout the elements and original bass-house sound.

TR!P HVZVRD blows the curtain back and shows us who is the wizard on this yellow brick road to love. The middle section is so glamorous and auditorily seducing. Whether this road is paved in an absolute sincere effort to a heavy-hitting track or a personality that can assimilate a whole movement, TR!P HVZVRD has it dialed in. With this monumental original being a blare-worthy dish of delectability, we can (maybe) wipe our sweat off our forehead now.

The end of this track is so emotionally cataclysmic, such a neuronal collapse. With the lyrics that drive this track into a hyper-cane of feelings, we are evened out with yet again another housey and utter renewable resource of energy and vibes. Well done!

This track is 100% Monsoon Season approved

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